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Northward provides results-driven search engine optimization and pay-per-click ad management.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search optimization is at the core of our services. Expand your footprint online and drive action.

Pay Per Click Ad Management

Extremely targeted visitors with high returns and transparent results.

Website Design

Make your brand sing with a highly optimized, mobile-friendly and impactful website.

Acquire Customers

Lead Gen

All leads aren't created equal. We'll find the sweet spot between lead volume & quality, by continually optimizing ad copy, targeting, & conversion rates.


Increase traffic & revenue per visitor by optimizing shopping & retargeting ad campaigns, reducing cart abandonment, & automating email marketing.

Every visitor is an opportunity for a conversion. Attract and convert more visitors by understanding your visitor’s wants and goals.

Why Northward?

We help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits exceed their online marketing goals through hard work and ingenuity.

Our Team

You’ll be partnering with an experienced, award winning, small and agile group. We pride ourselves on the value driven for our clients.

Our Tech

We utilize many of the leading tools in the industry, as well as custom in-house web apps and reporting for impactful results.

Request a Free Consultation

We have a passion for helping clients increase leads & profits. We will produce a custom tailored proposal to help you:

  • Increase conversion rates & lead quality
  • Lower your cost per conversion
  • Outperform your competition
  • Maximize ROI

Refine your site. Reap the benefits.
We are results-driven.

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We are a small but agile and proactive team of award-winning web marketers. We've helped dozens of businesses grow their businesses online.

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