Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Drive extremely targeted traffic. Increase your return on ad spend.

We can handle everything for you including: Competitor & Keyword Research, Ad Copy Writing, A/B Testing, Ongoing Optimization & Easy to Read Reports.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

Search Campaigns

We'll sculpt your ad traffic using optimized campaign and ad group structures, better keyword matching and targeting, bid automation (where needed) and negative keywords.

Measuring performance, A/B testing, and optimized landing pages are all keys to success.


Ensuring your products appear for the right search terms depends on a well planned structure and bid strategy for your Google Shopping campaigns.

We'll monitor and adjust based on what users find most compelling.


We build segmented website visitor lists and/or affinity groups to display ads to the right audiences at the right times.

We appeal to users depending on where they are in their buying journey.

Highest Possible Converting Landing Pages

An optimized user experience and design is crucial to convert paid search visitors into paying customers. That’s why we are laser focused on landing page optimization.

We can personalize your landing page experiences based on the individual visitor, ad copy or search terms used.

We also provide multivariate and A/B testing to allow the best ideas to win and decrease costs per action through higher conversion rates.

Landing page mockup on iPhone

Microsoft Advertising
(formerly Bing Ads)

Another channel for pay per click ads is Microsoft Advertising.

There is substantially lower volume from the Bing search engine, but this channel can consistently drive solid results with lower average cost per click and conversion.

Who doesn’t like lower costs?

We’ll import your existing campaign structure from Google Ads, or create new campaigns. We’ll focus on optimizing for negative keywords, dynamic text insertion, and bid automation to produce the best results.

The Process

Step One

Tell Us About Your Business

Client introductions and questionnaire. We use this chance to learn about your business and your target customers.

Step One
Step Two

Define Goals

We work with you to set goals and expectations. We’ll also need access to or assist setting up accounts.

Step Two
Step Three

Current Campaign Audit

We’ll dig into any existing campaigns and take away what we can from them. If this is for a new ad campaign we’ll move right on.

Step Three
Step Four

Create a Winning Plan

We will focus on driving ROI and structure your campaigns in a way that will give us the best outcomes.

Step Four
Step Five

Launch & Analyze

You will review ad copy and/or creative and we’ll release your campaigns and begin the ongoing process of optimization.

Step Five

How much does it all cost?

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  • Outperform your competition

Results-driven. On average clients see a 3x ROI

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