6 Great Offline Marketing Ideas

Offline Marketing Ideas

As advertising budgets continue to rapidly move online, offline marketing has changed in many ways.

With change comes opportunity.

We’ll take a look at offline marketing opportunities that are relatively new, and several that remain effective in today’s landscape.

Here are some marketing and advertising ideas that should be considered:

Moving billboards

With the onslaught of deliveries and reliance on ridesharing, comes a big opportunity: car advertising.

Advertise on delivery and rideshare cars anywhere you want to promote your business.

Pricing can range from $3-$15 per 1,000 impressions. You can expect a car to get somewhere between 30,000-90,000 impressions per month, depending on the target city. So, there will be a pretty wide price range. The style of car wrap you choose will also be factored into the pricing.

Geo targeted, highly memorable, and relatively affordable advertising. screenshot

Giveaways, Swag, Promotional Products

Most people still like getting something for free. That’s especially true if it’s useful.

Think every day products that people use regularly. Not everyone needs or wants a squishy ball, or a card holder for the back of their phone.

Skip the plastic gimmicks; they will get tossed out.

Try something that will be used and enjoyed frequently. The initial investment may be a bit higher, but will be much more effective.

Try socks for example. If they are comfy and stylish, they will surely get much use.

Customize and add your logo of course. This can be a great reminder for current clients you want to retain, or to stand out with high value prospects.

Custom Sock Shop
Customize socks online, and gift them to current customers, or remind high value new prospects via their sock drawer every day. screenshot

Printed Banners & Signs

Whether you want to increase sign-ups for an event, or drive awareness of a promotion or business location, banners will get the job done.

Display in strategic locations, and you will get more foot and/or phone traffic.

A banner doesn’t stop advertising for you, and works 24/7. They are lightweight, and can be re-positioned as needed.

Design possibilities are nearly endless. It’s an inexpensive no-brainer opportunity for many different business needs.

Banner Goat
No need to hire an expensive designer for your banner. Pick a pre-designed, visually appealing template. Customize it and order online in minutes. screenshot

Magazine Ads

Print is not dead, yet.

It just takes a little more care and consideration to run an effective campaign.

Choose target magazine(s) very carefully. Don’t just settle for what the first magazine ad sales rep recommends.

Do your own research and find out what magazines your audience is really reading. Try a couple different options, measure the results, and base your future ad buying decisions on what works. You won’t really know until you try.

Your magazine ad should include lots of color or contrast to stand out and grab the attention of readers. Don’t forget a clear and easy call to action. This is not the time to try and throw together a design yourself, if you aren’t highly skilled. Get some help from a pro, as the results will depend on it.

Professional graphic design for ads can be expensive. Consider an unlimited design membership for a flat monthly price. screenshot

In-store & Trade Show/Conference Displays

Conferences, trade shows and in-store displays are a great way to attract new customers. Whether you’re targeting consumers in a grocery store, or businesses at a large convention, choosing the right venue is critical.

Once you select your venue, you have to connect with your audience while you’re there. If you don’t attract an audience, your campaign will be doomed. If your budget allows, spend the time and money on a high quality display.

Display Pros
Tradeshows can be complicated. Get your booth designed and ordered smoothly. Free design services, and financing options are available. screenshot

Volunteer with Local Organizations

Give back to your community. It really does pay one way or another. The more active you are in your community, the more doors that will open. If you can’t volunteer, try sponsoring a local event.

Your most effective offline marketing opportunity may indeed be found by just getting involved in your local area. You never know what other opportunities await until you get yourself out there.

Find organizations near you that need volunteer help. No matter what size your company is, they can help you find a match in all industries. screenshot

Help each other out.

Post any comments below with your top picks for offline or local based advertising opportunities that we missed, that are worth checking out.

Good luck with your non-digital campaigns!

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